This page displays an alphabetical list of all the databases on Brain Data Science Platform. To search content on Brain Data Science Platform, visit the search page. Enter the search terms, add a filter for resource type if needed, and select how you would like the results to be ordered (for example, by relevance, by date, or by title).

Each project is made available under one of the following access policies:

  • Open Access: Accessible by all users, with minimal restrictions on reuse.
  • Restricted Access: Accessible by registered users who sign a Data Use Agreement.
  • Credentialed Access: Accessible by registered users who complete the credentialing process and sign a Data Use Agreement.

Open databases

Restricted databases

Credentialed databases

  • Harvard-Emory ECG Database: The Harvard ECG database (HEEDB) is a large collection of 12-lead electrocardiography (ECG) recordings.

Contributor Review databases

  • No databases available.